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Congenital Insensitivity to Pain is More of a Curse Than a Superpower

People with congenital insensitivity to pain don't feel pain from the heat, but that doesn't mean they won't get burned. The inability to feel physic...

Published: 2017-04-29 07:24 0

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Baby Humpback Whales Whisper to Their Mothers, Scientists Found

New recordings reveal that newborn baby humpback whales and their mothers whisper to each other to avoid predators. Humpback whales are famous for th...

Published: 2017-04-29 06:14 0

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A No-Bake Recipe for Martian Bricks

A brick made of Martian soil[Photo by the Jacobs School of Engineering/UC San Diego] Scientists have figured out a no-bake recipe for creating bricks...

Published: 2017-04-29 02:23 0

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5 Bizarre Facts about Star-Nosed Moles

Star-nosed moles don't just look bizarre, they are bizarre. Of course, bizarre here means “weird but amazing”. 25 years' worth of research has gone i...

Published: 2017-04-29 00:26 0


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Otzi the Iceman: The World's Coldest Case Finally Solved

Scientists have finally found what caused the death of Otzi the Iceman. On September 19, 1991, a pair of German tourists found the naturally mummifie...

Published: 2017-04-28 05:31 0

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5 of the Worst Oil Spills in History

Oil spills are one of the worst things that can impact our seas and oceans. Oil is quite light, so it can spread quickly throughout the surface of the...

Published: 2017-04-26 22:58 0

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How Bilingualism Develops in Young Children

The quality of exposure to language from birth matters. Bilingualism depends upon the quality, not quantity, of exposure to languages from birth. Ch...

Published: 2017-04-25 22:01 0

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Why Crossing the Street is Difficult for Children

There's now a scientific reason why children shouldn't cross streets alone. Up to a certain age, children lack the perception and motor skills necess...

Published: 2017-04-23 08:27 0

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Will We be Flagging Down Flying Cars in the Future?

The German company Lilium has beaten out Google and Uber in developing flying cars that can take the place of taxi cabs. If you're old enough to rem...

Published: 2017-04-23 07:31 0

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The Tunguska Event: Separating Fact From Myth, Part Two

This is the second of a two-part series on unraveling the mysteries of the Tunguska event. The first part of this series discussed what happened duri...

Published: 2017-04-23 05:56 0

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The Tunguska Event: Separating Fact From Myth, Part One

The Tunguska event is a mystery that has endured for over a century. Many theories have come up to attempt to explain the event, ranging from the some...

Published: 2017-04-23 05:25 0

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Our Online Persona Differs From Platform to Platform

It's no secret that we cultivate an online persona in our social media. Who we are online is not exactly who we are in real life. However, it turns ou...

Published: 2017-04-23 03:16 0

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5 Exoplanets That May Host Alien Life

Though scientists aren't completely sure yet if other planets in our solar system are habitable, they're also looking beyond the solar system to find...

Published: 2017-04-22 23:17 0

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Where Has the Slims River Gone?

A melting glacier has caused the vast Slims River to disappear in just four days. Ice melt from the Kaskawulsh glacier, one of Canada's largest, fed...

Published: 2017-04-22 21:18 0

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When Music and Science Collide: Tailoring Music with Biometrics

Is relaxation just a playlist away?[Photo by Haley Phelps] Music and science will provide you with the exact piece of music that can relax you. Have...

Published: 2017-04-20 06:11 0

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Aha! Dissecting the Eureka Moment

"My moment of realization trumps the need for clothes." -Archimedes, probably A eureka moment is a moment of sudden understanding and insight. New re...

Published: 2017-04-20 04:37 0

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The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul—Here's Why

Evolution played a part in the expression of emotions through our eyes. A new study gives insight into why our eyes are the windows to the soul. We c...

Published: 2017-04-20 03:16 0

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The Narcissist Network: Social Media and Excessive Self-Love

Is social media the domain of the narcissistic? Maybe. A new study has found that there is a weak to moderate link between using social media and bein...

Published: 2017-04-19 08:43 0

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There is Only a One in a 1.6 Trillion Chance That Tasmanian Tigers Still Exist

News of a Tasmanian tiger sighting in Australia made the rounds about three weeks ago. This was big news, as Tasmanian tigers have supposedly been ext...

Published: 2017-04-19 07:19 0

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Can Cutting Trees Down Actually be a Good Thing?

Conventional wisdom says that cutting trees down is a bad thing for the environment. After all, trees provide habitats, shelter, food, and oxygen. How...

Published: 2017-04-19 02:46 0

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Koalas Drink More Water Now—Here's Why That's Weird

Koalas have been driven to water. Rising temperatures may be the reason that koalas drink more water, which is a significant change in koa...

Published: 2017-04-18 19:07 0

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Math Anxiety is Rooted Deep in the Brain

Do you get math anxiety whenever you're faced with numbers? Don't get too down on yourself; a study has found that math anxious brains have a differen...

Published: 2017-04-17 09:14 0

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How War Affects Animals: Rescuing the Last Survivors of a War-Torn Zoo

The conditions in which a zoo lion and bear lived until their rescue gives us an insight into the ways war affects animals. In 2014, Daesh terrorist...

Published: 2017-04-17 04:14 0

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Saturn's Moon Enceladus May be Able to Support Life

NASA has found evidence that Enceladus, one of Saturn's many moons, has most of the conditions necessary for supporting life as we know it. Scientist...

Published: 2017-04-17 02:45 0

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Smartphone Addiction isn't as Harmless as We May Think

Smartphone addiction is, unsurprisingly, the excessive use of mobile phone devices. Researchers have found that the excessive use of smartphones may c...

Published: 2017-04-16 06:10 0

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Artificial Intelligence Displays Human Prejudices

Scientists have found that we have transferred our racial and gender prejudices to artificial intelligence programs. When we think of artificial inte...

Published: 2017-04-15 06:19 0

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Body Awareness in Elephants is New Evidence of Their High Intelligence

A new discovery about the body awareness of elephants is another piece of evidence that elephants are highly intelligent. Elephants are kind of aweso...

Published: 2017-04-14 08:11 0

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Asthma Management Made Easier by a New Smartphone App

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and the Nottingham Respiratory Research Unit have developed an app that can make asthma management easier. There is no cure fo...

Published: 2017-04-13 10:02 0

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Insomnia May Increase the Risks of Heart Attack and Stroke

How does a lack of sleep affect your heart and health? Bad news for insomniacs—insomnia not only makes you feel tired all day, it can also increase y...

Published: 2017-04-13 08:37 0

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Pokemon Go Players are Awesome, According to Science

Do you play Pokemon Go? Then you better be great to hang out with.[Photo by David Grandmougin] Pokemon Go players are more likely to be nice, happy,...

Published: 2017-04-13 06:55 0

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