Smoking One Cigarette A Day Is Half As Dangerous As A Full Pack!

Khryss | Published 2018-02-01 07:16

Time to cut down...way down. To zero.

Statisticians, together with Cancer Research UK wants to look into the health risks posed by light smoking. It started when they found that a growing number of cigarette consumers are more into decreasing the amount of cigarettes they smoke instead of removing it completely.

Researchers explained that this could be due to the thought, mostly of light smokers, (up to 35 percent in the US) that having five or fewer cigarettes a day is not very harmful to one’s health. But isn't it, really?

To answer, they analyzed 141 prospective studies that followed the health outcomes of different smokers. The more specific question is, if smoking 20 means you're 127 percent vulnerable to heart disease, at what percentage of that risk are you maintaining by only having one?

Well, results showed that there was a 53 percent in men and 38 percent in women difference of coronary heart disease risk. There was also a 64 percent and 36 percent for men and women, respectively, excess risk of stroke.

In short, smoking just one cigarette a day still carries half the risk of developing coronary heart disease or having a stroke! "We have shown that a large proportion of the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke comes from smoking only a couple of cigarettes each day," say the authors. "This probably comes as a surprise to many people."

 “No safe level of smoking exists for cardiovascular disease,” emphasize the authors. “Smokers should aim to quit instead of cutting down to significantly reduce their risk of these two common major disorders.”

I hope this encourages you to completely stop instead of going back to smoking full pack! It's not yet too late, fellas!

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