Ever Seen A Butterfly Wing Transplant? Here's One

Khryss | Published 2018-01-29 21:16

Don't worry, it ended amazingly successful!

This is a "love story" between Romy McCloskey and butterflies. It started when when she came across a pair of caterpillars lounging on a bush in her backyard.

Unfortunately, one of them had a huge tear in the right upper and lower wing as soon as it emerged from his cocoon, to the world. And that's when McCloskey tried to give him as second chance at life while consequently falling into raising butterflies.

So, she used a towel, a toothpick, a pair of scissors, tweezers, a wire hanger, contact cement, a cotton swab, and some talc to surgically transplant a spare butterfly wing (of which the female owner unfortunately died a few days earlier) to the poor Monarch butterfly.

"First, she secured the butterfly with the wire hook. Then, she removed the damaged parts of the wing. (“Don’t worry it doesn’t hurt them. It’s like cutting hair or trimming fingernails,” she explains in a Facebook Post.) Finally, she fit the new wing onto the old," Iflscience reported. She then fed it nectar and gave it ample time to rest.

And guess what? McCloskey is not a surgeon nor a veterinarian--she's a professional costume designer and master hand embroiderer! "I figured, since I do so much designing, cutting and putting together of costumes... I could give this a go. And I'm really glad I did!" she said.

The new wing isn't a seamless fit but it works well. In fact, just after a quick spin around the garden, he flew off! "We had a successful flight! A quick spin around the backyard, then a little rest on one of the bushes... then... 'like the down of a thistle'... off he flew!" said McCloskey.


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