Novel Nanoparticle Spray to Prevent Heart Damage?

Khryss | Published 2018-01-30 02:16

Who would've thought puffing particles could soon treat heart failure? Just breath in deeply!

Heart failure is the deterioration of the heart subsequent to a heart attack. Now, an inhalable spray filled with certain drug nanoparticles may be the answer. It is made of from calcium phosphate, a natural mineral known to be abundant in bone.

How does it help? Such drug they contain is made to repair calcium channels on the heart cells surface. This, in turn, is expected to help the electricity in maintaining the normal beating of our heart.

The nanoparticles it contained is small enough to be absorbed through the air sacs of the lungs and then into the bloodstream. Next, blood then travels to the heart where the said drug is released.

To test the drug, mice with deliberately injured hearts that mimic heart failure were studied. Heart wellbeing was measured through the left ventricle – a chamber of the heart – of which the proportion of blood ejected every heartbeat is calculated.

Injured mice showed to have 17 percentage points lower of this measure than healthy mice. But when given with the nanoparticle spray, it rose to 50 percentage points. “It recovered almost completely,” says Michele Miragoli of the University of Parma in Italy.

Plus hey, this may mean less injections, right? Now just imagine doing nothing but inhaling your medicine when you're so bombarded with shots and capsules--that's like a dream come true for heart attack survivors!

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