Did You Know that Narcissists Actually Follow Fellow Narcissists on Instagram?

Khryss | Published 2018-01-16 03:06

Sad to say, those who post Instagram selfies are more likely to follow 'arrogant' and 'attention-seeking' users.

A study on 276 adult Instagram users by the Michigan state University and Sejung University in Seoul, South Korea aims to look into what's called 'grandiose narcissism', which is linked to self-admiration and a higher self-esteem.

Why Instagram? A different 2017 survey of almost 10,000 students  showed that 64 per cent of millennials think Instagram is the most narcissistic social media platform. Two thirds of them even said that they are to like photos and videos of somebody more if they previously liked their own posts.

So, researched asked each participant whether they agree on certain statements like 'I really like to be the centre of attention' or 'I like to look at my body.' And guess what? Those who post lots of selfies in Instagram actually tended to have higher narcissism scores.

Next, they were then asked to rate what they think other Instagram users' perceived narcissism are.  They were also asked if they agreed on statements such as 'she likes to show off her body' and 'she likes to be the centre of attention'.  Lastly, they were told to weigh up Instagram users' traits like arrogance and self-confidence.

"Whereas non-narcissists indicated more negative attitude towards selfies, lower intention to post selfies, and lower intention to follow the selfie-posting Instagram users than narcissists, narcissists indicated higher intention to follow the selfie-posting Instagram users," study lead author Dr Seunga Venus Jin told Broadly.

In short, narcissists are drawn to other narcissists on the platform! So, do you think it speaks more about the users or the social media app itself?


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