Wanna See The Arid Sahara Covered in Snow?

Khryss | Published 2018-01-16 08:06

Now, that's one rare snowfall blankets.

Who wouldn't have known how hot, dry, and generally inhospitable Sahara Desert is? Famous to be covered it sand, this place actually has parts where lush green plants can be seen. And yes, it rains here several times per year.

However, the sand dunes just had a little cold surprise: snowfall.

Before 2016 ended, a white duvet had covered the desert for the first time since 1979. And now, it appears that it’s happened again! According to Forbes, there was as much as 40.6 centimeters (16 inches) of snow in the place.

It didn’t last long, though. Just after a couple of hour, the notoriously arid area was back to how it usually is. But what the hell is going on here?

Well, I guess I don't have to explain how temperatures can dip to the point of freezing during these months. However, coldness is the only thing needed for snowfall to happen--you also need water, lots of it. Mass of water has to be evaporated or even a substantial amount of water vapor being delivered through atmospheric currents will do.

For Sahara, it seems like huge mass of cold air was transported from North America, traveling through the Atlantic over the past few days or so. With this (partly), the place became around 1°C (33.8°F) cold for a little while, resulting to the sudden snowfall.

What a surprise, am I right? I bet the sand people had fun.


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