New Mothers' New Bestfriend: A Smart, Discreet Breast Pump!

Khryss | Published 2018-01-18 22:06

Don't you just love it when you can finally milk yourself on the go?

Are you a busy, nursing mum who just wants to manage you hectic day? Well, you might want to try this one out.  The 'Willow Pump'  is a smart breast pump that you can slip into your bra as it collects milk. It has a removable internal bag that you can easily empty into your child's bottle.

No more manual pumping so you can do your deed while getting your child's nutritional needs a.k.a breast milk! What's more? You can connect it to an iPhone app for live stats like the amount milk pumped and how long you've pumped it. It can even give you a rundown of your last five uses so you can keep track.

"Willow sits on your breast and is designed to work with a variety of breast shapes," the company writes on its website. "Don't lose another minute tethered to a wall. Willow liberates you from outlets for good so you can pump while you live, work, play, or relax."

The pump can actually fit your purse and doesn't make much noise. No hanging tubes or bottles, just those bags that, by the way, you can store in the freezer and cut open when needed. What does the set include? A pump, a charger, and a set of non-reusable bags that each holds up to 118 millilitres (4oz).  Its rechargeable battery can also last for two days.

"Walk around, use your hands, lean back, or relax. Willow lets you keep doing the little things while you pump," its website claims. So, on-the-move moms, what are you waiting for? Talk about a whole new level of parenting while taking care of yourself! Live your life!

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