This Bob Marley Coral Reef Spider is Cooler than You

Khryss | Published 2018-01-09 04:11

Wouldn't it be nice to go on the all-important field trip, being accompanied by the famous Bob Marley's song? Don't think so? Well, let's hear it from the researchers that actually did.

In a recent Evolutionary Systematics study, researchers decided to honor Marley in the naming of a new species of spider: a newly analyzed arachnid that thrives on water and the lives in coral reef, in the genus Desis has been given the species name bobmarleyi.

These spiders inhabit intertidal zones--those sides of the shore wherein the water level depends on whether it is low or high tides. They feed on different marine-based prey and hunts them with their speed and slightly scary jaws. On "more chill" days, they hang out in silk chamber.

But why the greatest reggae musician's name? Well, here's the authors' answer.

“Here, we describe a new intertidal species from tropical Queensland and name it after Bob Marley, whose song “High Tide or Low Tide” inspired us as it lives in a “high tide low tide” habitat”, they explain.

D.bobmarleyi was first seen in 2009 from a male holotype followed by a female counterpart found at about the same time. But it was only now has it been officially categorized as a brand new species.

The paper also mentions German collector Amalie Dietrich, who was an expert in natural history renowned for her work in Australia, including on spiders. “Reggae legend Bob Marley certainly had a different background but shared with Dietrich and other explorers some character traits: adventurous and resilient at heart, he liberated himself and his peers from poverty and hopelessness,” the researchers note.

Well, at least everything's alright for these spiders!

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