Poachers No Poaching!: A Traumatized Little Chimp's Road to Recovery

Khryss | Published 2017-12-29 16:50

Once in the arms of his loving mother, a 10-month-old ape was left shaking and terrified when poachers savagely killed its mother. Found in a bag of one of these criminals--who actually tried to sell it as a pet in Cameroon--he continued his life being chained at night.

Until one day, she was finally rescued. While the man was arrested, the trauma they left this poor gentle chimp seemed to resonate. He was so exhausted, distressed and too frightened to touch anyone.

Lovingly named Farah, after champion runner Mo, he was then introduced to new friends. It has been a rough start; he wouldn't even allow a blanket to be put around him though he's really cold due to his fearfulness. Thankfully, the socialization helped him a lot that just this September, he was seen enjoying life again. (Like how a young chimp's supposed to.)

Now, he doesn't just allow his friends to touch him--he even loves giving them warm hugs! Now, he barely do things on his own. Together with his bestfriend Lomie, they enjoyed hanging out and ate some fresh fruits. The go play in the sunshine and live life as they once knew it.

Finally, Farah, together with his friends, had found a home after a really traumatic event. Poaching has been a crime that kills animals and disrupts our ecosystem. If this won't stop now, just imagine how many more Farahs and other species will get to have the same fate.


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