This Giant Python Regurgitated Its Happy Meal: A Huge Lizard

Khryss | Published 2017-12-05 08:11

Half the snake's size, actually.

Happily hibernating after a massive meal, this snake was disturbed by humans which spells danger...and it has to react.

Video of a python resting under a patio that Thailand's wildlife control team had to remove circulated on the Internet. They had get it out of the urban setting (not to mention it hibernated close to a woman's house) and transport it into the forest. So, they broke concrete and took out the snake.

Now, snakes are usually agile when threatened which enables them to quickly getaway or attack. However, a large meal can affect them greatly, slowing them down. Snakes like pythons use their fangs to grab their prey, not chew them which means they swallow them whole. Thankfully, they have these powerful digestive enzymes that slowly breaks down the food for them--for weeks.

"When they swallow something relatively large, it can make them less mobile, so when they're harassed, it's common for them to regurgitate the meal," Max Nickerson, the herpetology curator at the Florida Museum of Natural History, said in a prior interview with National Geographic.

As to this python's case, it regurgitated a large, fully intact monitor lizard that's several feet long (and very much dead)! At first, you can just see the lizard's tail end sticking out of the snake's expanded jaws. Later on, he let out the lizard bit by bit until it finally showed the lizard's corpse.

This unique defense mechanism deployed by snakes are actually a common habit of certain snake species including, of course, pythons. Well, nature.

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