Science Advice: Please Try Getting Injuries During the Day

Khryss | Published 2017-11-12 20:06

Injuries can happen anytime. But if you can, go ahead and have it during daytime for faster healing--twice as fast than when you get those wounds at night!

Nathaniel Hoyle of the Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, UK, and his team previously found that genes in a type of skin cell called fibroblasts turns on and off during day-night cycles. With this, they wanted to explore on the effect of the time of day on wound healing.

Analyzing data from a specialist burn injuries unit at the University of Manchester, UK, they found that wounds during daytime heals faster than during night time. That is, they get better for a time span of 17 days where those sustained at night got healed on the 28th day.

“We found that how well you heal depends on what time of the day you’re injured,” says Hoyle. “Healing in the day can occur 60-per-cent faster.” Researchers think this could be due to the circadian rhythm in mammals as we're more prone to having injuries during active part of our day.

Findings can possibly soon be used in medical practices. For instance, they can create drugs that trick the injured are into having a “daytime” status, consequently pushing it to heal faster.

“This research adds to the accumulating evidence that ‘time of day’ or ‘circadian rhythmicity’ matters in medicine,” says Derk-Jan Dijk, of the University of Surrey, UK. “The question is how we can make use of this knowledge, and whether it can change clinical practice and help patients.”

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