Five Mundane Things That Can Kill You

Fagjun | Published 2017-11-03 16:21

A lot of things on Earth can kill you, from accidents, disease, mistakes, and missteps. However, some ordinary, seemingly small things aren’t too good for you as well.

Which commonplace things can send you to an early grave?



Do people die from things like sitting too much or sleeping too little? No, but things like these can become risk factors for certain diseases. Thus, sitting or staying up for long periods of time won’t directly cause your death, but they may contribute to the development of conditions that can prove to be fatal.

Sitting for Long Stretches of Time



We know that inactivity and a largely sedentary lifestyle aren’t healthy, but how unhealthy are they exactly? Inactivity has links to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, all of which can be fatal. However, according to this study, long periods of sitting down can also cause colon, endometrial, and lung cancer. The findings also say that the risks for developing these kinds of cancer go up for every two-hour increase in inactive time. Horrifyingly, this happens even in spite of bursts of activity throughout the day.

A Poor Diet



It’s not surprising that not eating well isn’t healthy. There are a lot of junk foods out there, and most of them are good--for the taste buds, that is. Other than our taste buds, though, these kinds of foods aren’t the best for us. In fact, this study says that the death rate of a poor diet is higher than those of cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption, drug use, and unprotected sex combined.


Thus, next time you get a craving for a burger or some other fatty snack, you may want to think twice before you give in to temptation.

Lack of Sleep



By now you must thinking, wow, should I be dead for now? After all, you probably have a desk job, or you may be attending classes that stretch for most of your waking hours. You’ve likely also eaten your fill of unhealthy, sinfully good junk food.


Unfortunately, there’s another thing you may be doing that you may have thought is unhealthy but not too unhealthy. Like many others, you’re probably running on less sleep than you’d like or is good for you. Valery Gafarov of the World Health Organization says that a sleeping disorder may be as effective as smoking in triggering a stroke or a heart attack. If you sleep for fewer than seven hours, you might want to look into finding ways to get more shut-eye.

Getting Tan



Think about summertime, and going off to the beach to swim in the ocean and soak up some rays. You come back home sporting a nice tan. Or maybe you just bought a nice new miniskirt and you want a spray-on tan to get your legs to look even better. We already know that outdoor tanning can be dangerous, but is indoor tanning any safer?


This study found that indoor tanning has caused more cases of skin cancer than smoking has caused cases of lung cancer.




We all feel lonely now and then, but could it really get so bad that it can shave years off our lives? According to this study, it can. Loneliness has apparently become like an epidemic, especially with the rise of social media. Since it’s now easier to interact with others through our devices, in-person contact isn’t as prevalent as it used to be. Thus, keeping ourselves healthy may just be as simple as putting our phones down and actually interacting with others face to face.

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