A Brand New Life for the Peculiarly Beautiful Piles of Rubbish

Khryss | Published 2017-11-04 19:21

Now for your not-so-orthodox aesthetically pleasing photographs.

A subject no one would bat an eye to: your good old trash! Why would even want to see this?

It “emanates a strange beauty”, says Belgian photographer Paul Bulteel. With the help of just a different perspective and you'll see this isn't just a pile of garbage--such can have its own positive spin.

 Bulteel is a retired engineered that has found its passion on photographing rubbish that will soon become another kind through recycling plants across Europe. “Photos of waste are almost always taken from a negative point of view,” he says. “The positive aspect of recycling has not been documented as thoroughly.”

He's actually visited 50 recycling centres for over a year now buy the beauty of these known trash still doesn't fail to surprise him. Every company in the sector today seemed to have different gifts his eyes can feast on--of which he decided to share each and everyone of us as well!

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