Skills You Need to Learn to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Fagjun | Published 2017-10-28 18:33

When it’s the zombie apocalypse, or if you’ve been stranded in the woods, will you be able to survive without the help of Google?

How to survive in the wild



Things in the modern, technologically advanced world are easy. After all, anything you’re unsure of, you can just search on the Internet. However, that won’t always be the case. There are plenty of situations that you’d need to navigate, possibly without the help of technology.


While a lot of situations can make the technology we take for granted unreliable, is a zombie apocalypse one of them? Probably not. There’s actually no evidence that the world is headed for an apocalypse like the one on Walking Dead, but it can’t hurt to be prepared. Reading on is the first step.

Building a Fire

Can you build a fire without gas or matches?



Fire is instrumental to survival. If you can build a fire, you’ll be able to keep yourself warm, cook your food, keep yourself safe, and burn down a horde of zombies if necessary. Lighting a fire is easy now, because of things like lighters, matches, and firestarters. However, you’d need to learn how to start a fire the way our ancestors did--with some know-how and whatever nature can give us. It’s best to learn and start practicing before you’d actually need the skill to save your life.

Drinking Clean Water

Make sure to boil any drinking water you procured in the wild.



Once you know how to start a fire, you can now boil water for drinking. If you’re in the wilderness, boiling water is essential for avoiding waterborne diseases and harmful bacteria, which are the last thing you need, well, ever. According to the CDC, you should boil water for one minute, or three minutes if you’re above an elevation of 6,562 feet. You may face difficulties that may make boiling water for this long difficult, but make sure to stick to these guidelines.

Foraging, Hunting, and Fishing

Learn to hunt with a bow and arrow.



You’d probably be far away from a supermarket, or maybe the nearest supermarket had been overrun by the drooling undead. Either way, you’re likely in a situation wherein you need to procure your own food.


One way to do so is by foraging. However, you need to make sure that you know which plants are safe to eat and which ones will make death by zombie attractive. You can buy a guidebook on flora in your area, from which you can learn which plants to avoid.


Fishing is also a good way to cook yourself a filling lunch. However, other than learning how to fish, you’d also need to learn which fish species are poisonous and which are not. It’s also best to learn which fishing techniques--fly fishing, angling, or net fishing--are best in which kinds of aquatic environments.


Of course, you can also take a page from Daryl Dixon’s book and learn how to hunt with a bow and arrow. Hunting with a bow and arrow was effective in helping our ancestors survive and propagate the species. Many cultures, as well as modern outdoorsmen, still hunt with a bow and arrow. As a plus, you can make your own arrows and even retrieve your arrows from the carcasses of your prey, unlike bullets.

Setting Up Camp

Building a campsite isn't that simple.



Building your camp in the woods isn’t as simple as finding shelter and hunkering down for the night. Remember, you’d be sharing the wilderness with a variety of wild animals who won’t take kindly to your presence. Thus, you need to learn how to keep wild animals--and maybe also the undead--from stumbling into your camp. Avoid these unwelcome visitors by camping away from the known paths of wild animals and by keeping food and anything that smells like it accessible only to you.

Reading Maps

Topographic maps can become more useful than road maps in the wild.



It may be safe to say that you won’t be able to rely on your phone and GPS during the apocalypse, zombie or otherwise. And anyway, it’s good sense to make sure that you’re not too reliant on your electronic devices. Thus, it’s best to learn how to read a map. Road maps are relatively easy, but learning how to read a topographic map can make surviving in the wild a little bit easier.

Running, Climbing, Paddling

Learning how to paddle can give you a new means of escape.



One sure way to get away from danger is to, well, run away. It may be a good idea to start learning trail running, which will enable you to run fast while also being able to avoid impediments on the ground. Training will also help you run faster and for longer periods of time, which will come in handy if there ever is a zombie apocalypse in which the undead can run fast.


But what if the undead can outrun you? Well, can the undead climb? Probably not, but you can. If you need to make a quick escape from anything, and you’re close to cliff, rock climbing skills are going to save your life. You may even want to set up a hanging tent just to be sure that no critter, living or undead, will be able to get to you.


Another way to make an escape is using a river if one is close by. Traveling by river will enable you to cover long distances in a shorter period of time, and you’d also be much harder to track. Paddling may be difficult, but think of how much more difficult it would be for a zombie that can’t even walk straight.

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