No Rape for These Dolphins: Females Can Fend Off Unwanted Males with Their Powerful Vaginas!

Khryss | Published 2017-10-24 00:33

Female empowerment!

Sex is part of life--people do it mostly either to procreate or just have fun. However,  while today's dating scene is difficult, some animals actually have it worse.

An example of this is the female duck, having a vagina described as a maze. That’s actually why male ducks are trying so hard to force females to copulate with them (and in case you're wondering, male ducks are necrophilic rapists), not to mention their corkscrew-shaped dings.

And other marine mammals like the dolphins aren’t excluded from this complexity. A new study revealed that the female common porpoise and bottlenose dolphin have extensive vaginal folds that can block the penis from entering! (Lol, talk about literal cockblocking!)

Since penises come in all shapes and sizes (just look at the Icelandic Phallological Museum in Reykjavík), it seems to imply that there's the same diversity in vaginas as well. However, author of the study and biologist Dara Orbach says that there’s a “huge lag” in our understanding of female reproductive organs. “There’s this unparalleled level of vaginal diversity that we had no idea existed before,” says Orbach.

Orbach and colleagues gathered genitalia from common and bottlenose dolphins, common porpoises and common seals (all died of natural causes), and made silicone moulds out of these. The researchers also took the male’s penis and artificially inflate them using saline to see how they would look like erect. In addition to that, they also took CT scans of the penises while being inserted to their corresponding vaginas, to see if they fit perfectly and to know the best position for fertilization.

Of all the marine mammals’ genitalia studied, the common porpoise and bottlenose dolphin are the ones with vaginal folds which obstruct the penis from entering. With this, "she may not choose who she mates with, but might be able to choose which male or, more precisely, which sperm, fertilises her egg,” says Janet Mann of Georgetown University.

As for the ideal position for copulation, males should be on top with his penis hooked underneath the female to have successful penetration. “It might appear behaviourally that females are very passive, but looking at the reproductive anatomy, we’re learning that they have all sorts of cryptic ways to control paternity,” says Orbach.

If only human vaginas could have those flaps too and stop rapists. Bye, boi!

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