Keep Calm and Trust Apple: iPhone 8 Batteries are Swelling!

Khryss | Published 2017-10-23 00:33

For those who have just recently bought or is planning to buy Apple's new iPhone 8 Plus, watch out!

Since its release on September 22 this year, at least seven iPhone 8 battery swelling incidents were reported! What's more is that the swelling is splitting the phone apart.

The latest report was from China wherein the customer is said to have received a newly purchased yet cracked open iPhone 8 Plus upon delivery. And while no signs of scorching or an explosion was found, the engorged battery popped the iPhone's screen open.

This is also true for all the other reports of customers from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Greece, and Canada, only that some weren't given already-damaged phones. Instead, the bloating happened when they charged it for the first time. Fortunately, none of these owners were hurt.

Apple responded to this with a short statement saying, “We are aware and looking into it". The spokesperson explained that these are just isolated incidents among the millions of units and do not represent a safety concern at all.

While this is clearly a problem, this doesn't seem to be as dangerous as the earlier Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 incident...or so we hope. Guess expensive things still truly comes with a lot of concerns--this time, with bended phones and disturbingly unreliable batteries. But hey, at least they didn't explode or caught fire, right? Right?!

No need to fear, people, you're still going to buy it anyway.

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