The Weird But Lovely Friendship of a Rescued Tortoise and Pet Dog!

Khryss | Published 2017-10-10 22:21

So there's Cricket and Larry; one's shielded, the other's furry! Can you guess who's who?

This all started when Christine Hill went to an educational animal center in Santa Barbara, California with her children, and noticed a fully-grown African spurred tortoise getting pushed around. He was being attacked by other males as they were competing to get the female's attention.

She complained this to his keepers, of which they only responded her to let nature deal with it. But Hill, a passionate animal lover herself, can't stand letting the tortoise get bullied and asked the center to let her adopt it instead.

Her home in Palos Verdes caters rescued animals. She had even bought eels and lobsters from seafood restaurants just to save them! “We’ve got around 30 animals right now,” says Hill. That includes our dear tortoise friend named Larry.

“When we first brought Larry home he was in self-defense mode, just trying to flee to the fence any chance he got,” she says. Eventually, Larry started feeling comfortable inside the house, most probably with the help of his new friend, the family’s golden retriever, Cricket.

“I know this sounds silly, but it was almost like they were chatting,” Hill, describing the animals' first meeting.  Cricket seemed to immediately try to comfort Larry and plopped down beside him. “Since that day, they’ve been inseparable."

"They eat side by side, sleep next to each other in the kitchen, and go on walks together. Last year, when Larry went into hibernation, he insisted on burying himself underneath Cricket’s dog bed in Hill’s bedroom," NatGeo reported. How cute is that?!

 “He’s a funny little guy—he has so much character,” she says. “He will come wobbling down the hallway to greet us with Cricket when we get home. Larry and Cricket really are the best of buds.”

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