Cool Fishnados are at it Again in Mexico's Coastal City

Khryss | Published 2017-10-11 11:21

It's raining cats and dogs? Implausible! More like it's raining fishes! (And no, sharknados aren't real--it's a slightly different thing.)

Touchdown, fishnado!

The coastal city of Tampico was reported to have had a recent “light rain” that resulted to the "miraculous" falling of the fishes from the sky.  And while the actuality of the event isn't verified yet, this is perfectly plausible as far as science is concerned.

There are these things called waterspouts-- powerful whirling columns of air, mist, and water vapor--out to the far side of the ocean or even on large lakes. They're basically like small tornados, which means these also come with loud thunderstorms, strong winds, sea surges, and rain.

And just like tornados, these are powerful enough to suck up heavy objects from below (well, for a waterspout, fishes are pretty heavy). This phenomenon has even been reported since ancient times, dating back to the third century--and you'd probably dislike this story more.

 “In the Chersonesus [an Ancient Greek colony] it once rained fish uninterruptedly for three days,” Athenaeus of Naucratis noted in his surviving tome, Deipnosophistae, quoting another writer. He then added that “people had often seen it raining fish, and often also raining wheat, and that the same thing had happened with respect to frogs.” Yes, dear, you read that right. Frognados!

Apparently, the "frog rain" was once so bad “house and the roads had been full of them” that they had to start consuming them! And eventually, these people just “fled the country.” That bad! So I guess Mexico's gonna be fine as long as this doesn't get that bad.

Not so cool after all, eh?

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