Check How Nutritious Your Food is in No Time with This Handheld Scanner!

Khryss | Published 2017-10-02 00:57

Forget the "nutrition facts" section of your food, here's a better way to instantly determine nutritional content--GrainSense!

GrainSense is a handheld scanner that analyses different crops including wheat, oats, rye and barley. Just zap a sample with various frequencies of near-infrared light and wait as it unveils the grain's precise levels of protein, moisture, oil and carbohydrate!

Conventionally, farming survived through instinct and skills, however, precise information is becoming more and more important with the unpredictable and changing conditions. And "while tractor and soil sensors can reveal conditions in fields, and drones can show areas in need of irrigation or pest treatment, farmers only find out how their grain actually fared after harvest," NewScientist reported.

“Today you have to send at least half a kilo of grain to the lab,” says Edvard Krogius, the co-founder of GrainSense, the Finnish company developing the system. “It can take days or weeks to get results.” Meanwhile, the new device only requires 50 to 100 sample kernel to tell the crop's composition. And take note, it only needs 5 seconds to execute that! This is also linked to a mobile app.

“An accurate, real-time estimate of crop components is of significant importance,” says Salah Elsayed from the University of Sadat City in Egypt.

The app can be used most especially by farmers to assess the impacts of climate change on their crops' quality from year to year. It could, in turn, enable them to do something early to alleviate such effects. “Real-time results mean farmers can add fertilisers or tweak moisture levels as crops grow,” Krogius says.

And it won't take too long for us to have a similar device we can use to check our daily munches! I just hope this would encourage us to make healthier food choices.

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