Purrfect! "Neko Atsume" Will Make Our Cat Dreams Come True with Its VR Version!

Khryss | Published 2017-10-01 10:57

This is not a drill.

Cat lovers, does the game Neko Atsume ring a bell? Well, this kitty app was just about to get a VR version!

Neko Atsume, developed by Hit-Point, is a simple free-to-play mobile game that lets you buy a variety of stuff to attract cats in your garden. Neko Atsume in Japanese even means “cat collector”. You start the game by putting food in your backyard, then you wait until a bunch of cats come to you and play around with your toys. Some of these cats even wear outfits and imitate both real and fictional people!

The game’s so simple the its developer Yutaka Takasaki told CNN in 2015, "to be honest, I do not know why this game is so popular." Well, dear, reddit posts beg to disagree, one even describes the game to be better than therapy.

For fans, here's a great news: they made a freaking movie about it! Released earlier this year, the movie stars a novelist experiencing writer’s block. He takes in cats to ease his anxieties and stress, and challenges himself to make them visit him again. Into it already?

What about I tell you the game has a VR version as well? Not much has been shown about it yet, though, except a photo of the game title with the background similar to what you would see in the app: complete with cats, but in 3D. It was released during PlayStation’s 2017 Tokyo Game Show press conference. This was announced along with 'Shadow of the Colossus' and ‘Monster Hunter: World’ getting PS4 Pro trailers, a VR version of ‘Zone of the Elders’, and many others.

It’s amazing to imagine playing with 3D cats, seeing them play with toys, feeding them “niboshi” or small dried sardines. Seeing them all dressed up; damn that’s cute! For people feeling "unable" to adopt so much cat, this could be a great alternative.


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