Fighting the War with Nothing But Flour, Eggs, and Firecrackers!

Khryss | Published 2017-09-30 07:57


A yearly festival called Els Enfarinats has been celebrated by the people of a small town Ibi, Spain for two long centuries already. The tradition creatively commemorates the Biblical story of King Herod and the Massacre of the Innocents every 28th of December. Their weapons? Flour, eggs, and firecrackers.

Talk about the ultimate food fight!

In the Valencian language, Els enfarinats translates to “The floured ones”, which, we all know is truly appropriate for the explosions during the event.

NatGeo photographer, Antonio Gibotta, was fortunate to experience this and catch the beauty of a massively staged battle using nothing but half of pancake's basic ingredients and people's favorite New-Year toy.

He describe the event to be participated by around 30 locals and tourists donning military garb, staging a fake coup d’état. This pretend-battle consists of two sides, Gibotta explains. First group is the Els Enfarinats “declaring and enforcing ridiculous new laws” of which they collect fines to those who break it; the other one is  the La Oposicio (the opposition) or the police-like people who "wants to keep the order.”

All the participants acted these out and created a major, city-wide smoke-filled war with slimy, flour-drenched, oven-ready "ghosts". Some men even used protection like goggles for safety measures. And when the battle ends, the extensive cleanup follows. Can you imagine cleaning flour-and-egg-covered streets? Fun!

Also, the collected money from fines are donated to charity after the event.

Would you dare join?

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