Scientists Reveal the Most Dangerous Sex Positions for Men

Fagjun | Published 2017-09-29 18:57

A condom isn't the only protection you'll need for these dangerous sex positions.




Surprisingly, the most dangerous of these positions aren't the most twisty, complicated entries in the Kama Sutra. They don't have names like “The Glowing Triangle” or “The Catapult” or “Crazy Twisted Lotus Leaf in the Wind” (totally a real thing). Instead, the top two most dangerous positions are actually two of the most common ones.


By “dangerous”, the scientists meant the positions most likely to hurt men. The researchers evaluated each position by how likely it is to cause penile fracture.



Penile Fractures




Now, penises don't actually break in the same way that the bones in our arms do. However, they are prone to sustaining a tear in something called the tunica albuginea. This is the part of the penis that makes erections possible. You'll know that penile fracture has occurred when you hear a popping sound, or you go instantly flaccid, or your penis begins turning into a purple, blue, and red color.


Don't worry, I'm just as uncomfortable with writing that as you are with reading it.


So which sex positions are the most dangerous to men?


Researchers examined 90 different men between the ages of 18 and 66. Each of the participants had experienced penile fractures. The researchers were able to asses how dangerous the positions were by studying the nature of the penile fractures themselves. Penile fractures due to intense sexual contact occur when the penis hits the woman's pelvic bone or thigh.


According to the findings, the most dangerous position is the “doggy style”, which accounts for 41% of penile fracture cases in the study. The missionary position, meanwhile, accounts for 25.% of cases, while the “woman-on-top” position accounts for 9%. The doggy style position causes penile fractures that aren't more or less severe than the fractures that the missionary position causes. However, the doggy style position can produce fractures more severe than the fractures caused by the woman-on-top position.



Proceed with Caution, Regardless of the Sex Position




Last year, researchers proclaimed the “cowgirl” position to be the most dangerous. According to the researchers, this was because the penis is placed in a very vulnerable position. Looks like 2017 is the doggy style's year.


Before you freak out, though, penile fractures are actually a very rare occurrence. In fact, they're so rare that the researchers for the latest study were only able to come up with 44 different cases.


However, the most dangerous sex positions are three of the most the most common ones as well. This means that practicing safe sex may go beyond using birth control.


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