How Sharing the Bedroom with Your Beloved Dog Affects Your Sleep

Khryss | Published 2017-09-29 14:57

Now the debate among dog owners are over.

A 2015 study showed that about 50% of pet owners allowed their furry buddies to sleep in their bedroom. Of which, however, some said that this disrupted their sleep. Since then, the impact of sleeping with your dog around to one's own slumber has been a question.

But do these amazing buddies truly disrupt our sleep quality?

Well, a new study had that figured out for you. Researchers had such plainspoken aim: they wanted "to objectively assess whether a dog in the bedroom or bed disturbs sleep."

They utilized 40 dog owners that has no known record of sleep disorders. They tracked their sleep quality for five months, and had both the human owners and pet dogs wear accelerometers for seven nights.

With this, they found that it's actually alright for you to snooze with your pet--but there's a catch.

"We found that many people actually find comfort and a sense of security from sleeping with their pets," says Mayo Clinic sleep medicine specialist Lois Krahn.

Results showed that the effect of having your dog sleep on your bed differs from just simply letting it sleep in the bedroom with his own bed. Those who did the former suffered from lower sleep quality compare to those who did the latter.

Researchers note, though, that the study had limited sample size with the dogs being 6 months old and older. This means that when dealing with younger and excited puppies, the result might not be the same. I mean, right? How could you expect a full and pleasant night's sleep with those young poochies bouncing off the bedroom walls? Ugh, so much energy.

Nonetheless, they concluded that "a dog's presence in the bedroom may not be disruptive to human sleep, as was previously suspected."

So I guess it's alright to give those loving doggos free reign in their hoomans' bedroom. Just remember not to get too carried away and let them snuggle on or under your covers.

Go get that poochie bed prepared!

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