Next on Plastic's Ubiquity: These are Taking Over Our Drinking Water Already!

Khryss | Published 2017-09-28 13:57

Water is life, as a famous adage go. All of the billions of people living around this planet need to drink water from time to time in order to survive. But with all the pollution Earth has, this basic need is compromised.

A worrying global analysis of drinking water showed that 83 percent of tap water sampled is laced with tiny microfibers. Yes, that water you've been drinking has traces of microplastic since who knows when!

Researchers even tested over 150 different water samples from 14 different countries on five continents and yielded a similar result--indeed, vast majority of our drinking water is contaminated with plastic microfibers.

And the top-notcher? The US with 94 percent of places--including the Congress building, the EPA headquarters, and even Trump Towers--being positive for plastic! This is followed by India with 82 percent, then Ecuador clocking up 75 percent and Europe with 72 percent.

Researchers say that these plastics came from a variety of sources. But the implications on our health isn't clear yet. Nonetheless, this showed that plastic is becoming a big part of our modern lives and how it can enter our bodies in a lot of ways--most we're still unconscious about. This also raises awareness on how little we understand its effect not just on the environment but our own bodies too.

“Scientists say they don't really know how these microplastics reach our taps or what the health risks might be,” explains Molly Bingham, founder and CEO of Orb Media, in a statement. “But microplastics have been shown to absorb toxic chemicals from the marine environment, and then release them when consumed by fish and mammals. I am concerned by the implications of our research.”

The most concerning fact here probably is that everybody has to drink. So, really, what's there to do?

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