The Countries With the Best Chances of Surviving Climate Change

Fagjun | Published 2017-09-10 18:41

What are your country's chances of surviving climate change?



Graphic by The Eco Experts



Back in 2015, the University of Notre Dame created a list of countries that were most likely to survive climate change, as well as another list of countries that climate change would hit the hardest. This June, the organization The Eco Experts created an infographic that took that data from the Notre Dame Global Adaptation (ND-GAIN) Index to give us a better visual of how climate change will impact the world in the future.


ND-GAIN evaluated each country's vulnerability and readiness to adapt in order to create the rankings. So what are the factors in a country's vulnerability and readiness? For one thing, the index evaluates a country's preparedness for the future that climate change has in store for us. Other factors include the state of a country's infrastructure, technological capabilities, vulnerability to natural disasters, and the state of its politics.



A Socio-Economic Divide


Graphic by The Eco Experts



You may have noticed something about the countries least and most vulnerable to climate change. The countries that have the best chances of surviving climate change are among the 25 wealthiest countries in the world in terms of GDP per capita. Meanwhile, seven of the countries most vulnerable to climate change are some of the poorest in the world.


Thus, even in climate change survival, there's a divide between the rich and the poor. Of course, this isn't surprising. The wealthier a country is, the more resources it has to better prepare for climate change. Interestingly, the countries that are the biggest polluters won't be the hardest hit by climate change.



Graphic by The Eco Experts



China, the United States, Russia, Japan, Germany, South Korea, and Canada are all among the 10 worst polluters in the world. However, if you look at the map above, they're all also in the green zone. This means that in spite of being some of the biggest polluters in the world, it's other countries that will be taking the brunt of the consequences. Unfortunately, poor countries that didn't even benefit from being big polluters will be the hardest hit.



Surviving Climate Change and Its Consequences


Of course, this doesn't mean that these wealthy, polluting nations will be getting off scot-free. It's conceivable that each country in the world, rich or poor, big polluter or not, will suffer the consequences of climate change in one way or another. Some countries will simply be better equipped to cope than others.


You can view the infographic in its entirety here.


Also, we have to remember that though the data are informative, it's not the most detailed. The maps are basically a zoomed-out look at the climate change vulnerability and preparedness. For example, not all cities or states in the US will have the same level of vulnerability to and preparedness for climate change. However, the US still gets the green light on the map because it has the infrastructure to aid cities and states that may struggle to cope with climate change.


So what are your country's chances of surviving climate change?



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