Are These Male Lions Mating...In Front of a Female?

Khryss | Published 2017-09-05 15:41

"Really? Right in front of my salad?"

On August 19, amateur wildlife photographer Russ Bridges and his wife went to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in the north of England. While enjoying this tourist attraction, they saw what seems to be a peculiar occurrence and immediately snapped pictures of it.  Apparently, a male lion mounted another male lion and pinned him down! The lions photographed are part of the 13 the Yorkshire Wildlife Park hosted.

Hmm, looks like somebody's preparing to mate!

 “Usually they lay asleep doing nothing when I go to photograph them, but this time they were up and about. My favourite shot is the one where he appears to be sticking his tongue out," Bridges told The Independent.  

"I've never seen a shot of two males on top of one another with one sticking his tongue out before – it's like he's showing some pride in what he's doing."

The two lions were photographed next to a lioness, which seems to be dispassionate about their activity. According to Bridges, the lioness isn’t interested in the couple at all and everytime one of the males approached her, she would slap them with her paw and snarl at them. However, her behavior is pretty common among lions.

And actually, homosexual behavior in lions is fairly common as well! Some male lions pair-bond for a number of days and initiate homosexual activity with affectionate nuzzling, head rubbing and caressing, leading to mounting and thrusting.

Experts say about 8% of mountings have been observed to occur with other males. Females were even found to have such homosexual behaviors too! Pairings between females, though, are held to be rather common in captivity and have not been observed in the wild--yet.

Turns out, homosexuality isn't so unnatural at all. Even the greatest kings that rule the jungle had it in them!

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