The Most Violent and Bloody Past of England: Medieval London!

Khryss | Published 2017-09-07 10:41

Move aside Game of Thrones, I thirst for more blood! Let medieval London show you what violence truly is.

If you think Robb Stark's red wedding was rough and bloody, perhaps London's history would be your cup of tea.

A new study of archaeologist Kathryn Krakowka at the University of Oxford and colleagues utilized 399 skulls (AD 1050 to 1550) from six London cemeteries, only to unearth the city's gruesome past. Examining both from upper class (monastic cemeteries) and lower class's (free parish cemeteries) skulls, they found that 6.8 per cent of all these had some kind of violence-related trauma.

Young men ages 26 to 35 years old were particularly subjected to extreme levels of violence with 25 per cent of the skull injuries found to take place close to one's time of death. This indicates how people that time could've died due to head shots (blows).

A violence far worse than any other part of medieval England; in fact, London's rate is roughly twice of elsewhere in the country! What's more, researchers also found that this may be linked with class.

“It appears that violence in medieval London may have been largely tied to sex and social status,” says archaeologist Kathryn Krakowka at the University of Oxford.

They suggested that upper classes were able to access the developing legal system of the time while lower classes had to find an easier way of resolving misunderstandings. “This, in combination with my results, possibly suggests that those of lower status resolved conflict through informal fights that may or may not have been fueled by drunkenness,” Krakowka says.

“People of low status don’t have resort to the rule of law,” says anthropologist Luke Glowacki at the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse, France. Difficulties on hiring a legal representative led them to "resort to violence as a means to resolve conflict.”  Rich men, on the other hand, could've fought more formally with the duel system.

Well, at least, Jon Snow already knows something now...or does he?

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