Would You Go Offline Just to Visit this Website?

Khryss | Published 2017-09-08 03:41

Go ahead, sit still and do nothing but explore this page. I dare you.

Well, of course, after you read this article.

Chris Bolin, a software engineer at Formidable and an "offline advocate" created a quite peculiar and counterintuitive website. How can you view it? Just click this and turn off your WiFi. Yep, you'd have to go offline!

What will happen next? Hmm, nothing much. Your brain's just going to itch inside your skull. The distraction internet has been giving you will be gone. You might even panic slightly with just the thought of missing something as you cut off from the rest of the world. No updates, no notifications. Just you and whatever it is inside the website.

When has been the last time you've gone offline just to focus on a very "boring" thing?

"I can already hear the groans: 'But I have to be online for my job.' I don't care. Make time," Bolin wrote in the offline message. "I bet the thing that makes you valuable is not your ability to Google something, but your ability to synthesize information. Do your research online, but create offline."

And no, you can't trick the page. The website knows when you're still connected to WiFi. Open it and it just displays an "offline only" notice. But when you finally convince yourself onto getting disconnected, you'd see a short message that magically appears out of nowhere. What's in it will be a surprise, alright? (Not a fan of spoilers.)

How does this wizardry happens? Apparently, browsers can notify different webpage when you're online or offline. Ever wondered how the T.rex knows you're offline?

"Basically a lot of browser innovation has gone into supporting what is called 'offline-first', (usually) mobile devices that have shaky internet connections," he said. "So I decided to turn it on it's head and create an 'offline-only' page."

"I want to see more design with awareness of our human limitations—designs that acknowledge our fragile attention, for example."


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