Getting to ISS in Style: Here's A Futuristic Upgrade of Our Spacesuits

Khryss | Published 2017-09-08 13:41

Fashion with functionality by your favorite inventor, Elon Musk!

No more bulky and puffy spacesuits, here's a slimmer black-and-white aesthetic design! But the suit's more than just that.

Earth has been liveable for a lot of reasons and it's not new to us how leaving our dear planets protective atmosphere comes with a lot of dangers--that's where spacesuits come in. Regulating air pressure, oxygen, and temperature while deflect cosmic radiation, spacesuit has a lot of functions for a clothing. Not to mention the need for it to enable us to move freely and communicate better.

So, let's just say that previous designs weren't very fashionable at all. But who cares, right? Well, Elon Musk does. Hence, his new creation. He even appears to be modelling this sleek suit himself! According to his post, such suit is already fully functional and have "been tested to double vacuum pressure."

However, the suits wouldn't be used for space walks. Instead, they should be worn during transport to protect astronauts in case the capsule depressurises during flight. Similar suits are actually worn by high-altitude pilots to keep essential bodily functions in place when the pressure drops.

Moreover, the suits will most likely be worn by astronauts traveling to International Space Station—and potentially beyond--in a the Dragon crew capsule.

Now, we get to wait for his next plan next year! For those who haven't heard, this billionaire actually announced his plan to send citizens to the moon, well, for vacation (?).

What's next, Musk? What's next?

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