Bad Contact Lens Habits That Can Make Your Eye Fall Out

Fagjun | Published 2017-08-24 19:11

Well, not literally fall out. However, these bad contact lens habits can cause infections and even blindness if you let things get too bad.


There are plenty of good reasons that people prefer wearing contact lenses over wearing glasses. For one thing, contact lenses don't slide down your nose, fog up, or easily fall off when you're jogging, running, or exercising. However, if you wear contact lenses, you need to make sure to maintain good hygiene. Bad contact lens habits are really just rooted in bad hygiene practices and maybe even laziness.


Sleeping in Contact Lenses



At the end of the day, you may be tired and you just want to go to bed. Going through the whole routine of taking off your lenses, cleaning them, and putting them in their case may seem like too much on some nights. How bad can it be, right? It's not like you'll go blind.


Except that you can, and someone actually has gone blind in one eye because he went to sleep with his contacts in. Your lenses get dirty during the day and increase the chances of infection. There's also the possibility that the lenses can scratch your cornea or affect the oxygen that flows to your eye.


Swimming While Wearing Contact Lenses



Water can be rife with microbes that can cause infections. Most sources of water, be they outdoor or indoor, have acanthamoeba, which can give your eyes a painful infection or even cause blindness. The bacteria in our cornea can even serve as food for acanthamoeba.


If you've noticed, all it takes to avoid these problems is simply taking the time and effort to take out your lenses. Bad contact lens habits are avoidable and easy to break out of. Plus, the consequences of these bad habits can be quite heavy.


Keeping the Same Storage Case for Months



The worst enemy of contact lenses (and, by extension, our eyes) are bacteria. Thus, replacing the storage case of your lenses is important. According to the American Academy of Opthalmology, you need to replace your cases every three months. That way, you can avoid using a contaminated case that can cause infections.


Remember, again, that microbes thrive in water. Thus, make sure not to rinse out your storage case with water. Instead, use fresh contact lens solution to rinse your storage case. However, make sure to get rid of old solution in the case before pouring new solution in.


Being a Stranger to Your Eye Doctor



We're told that we should visit our doctor at least twice a year, same as our dentist. If you wear glasses, or contact lenses especially, it's best to visit your opthalmologist at least once a year. Regular checkups can detect potential problems early, and you can act to make sure that whatever eye issues you may have won't get worse.


If you need more convincing to break your bad contact lens habits, read about this woman. Doctors took a lump made of 27 different contact lenses out of her eye. If she had just gone in to see her eye doctor, the doctor could have extracted lost lenses from her eye right away.

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