Freakin’ Flesh-Loving Fleas Feast on Feet!

Khryss | Published 2017-08-29 10:11

In a gruesome mystery, a 16-year-old Australian Sam Kanizay, who had decided to have a night-time dip in the ocean after an arduous football practice, emerged from the water with blood suddenly streaming profusely from his legs down to his feet.

According to his report, Sam felt what he thought was like pins and needles, although he was pretty certain it wasn’t. A few reports mentioned specialists presupposing instead to stingrays or jellyfish as the suspected culprits. However, it was definitely not a shark, a stingray, or any of the usual predators during marine attacks. His family believed it to be an attack by sea fleas.

The teenager’s father, Jarrod Kanizay, went so far as to gather up some of the microscopic pincers from the ocean and post a film of them devouring chunks of meat online.

Local biologists Genefor Walker-Smith and Richard Reina, a collection manager of marine invertebrates at the Museum Victoria and a professor of biology at Monash University, told The Age and that they, too, deemed the sea fleas as the culprit, after seeing Sam’s tiny, pin-like bit marks.

Walker-Smith cited that panicking and shutting down the beaches are not at all necessary, as this incident was highly unusual and that the boy merely happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The biologist stated that what made Kanizay a vulnerable target in this incident was that of his area, since sea fleas generally prefer shallow water.

Reina added that the flesh-eating species could have been pushed to shore by strong winds, deducing from the fact that fleas do not normally travel in swarms and that Sam’s bleeding probably just attracted a lot of other fleas.

Now you should really reconsider the things in the ocean you think you’re terrified of. It’s a lot scarier when it’s invisible, don’t you think?

Microscopic pincers? More like microscopic mincers. Yikes.

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