Know What You Eat: Let’s See What’s Inside Your Favorite Nutella

Khryss | Published 2017-09-01 19:11

Nutella is definitely the internet’s greatest and most famous chocolate spread. Some people even say that those who haven't tasted it yet missed a quarter of their lives. But do they really?

Short history: Nutella came to be when a pastry maker from Italy, Pietro Ferrero, had the brilliant idea of sharing the deliciousness of chocolate to everyone. Unfortunately, chocolate was in low supply at that time because of World War II. So, he mixed hazelnuts (which are plentiful in his region of Piedmont, Italy) to create a chocolate paste. And then, he passed this recipe on his son, Michele, who was able to perfect the spread, which is by the way what you're currently obsessing to right now.

But don’t let this velvety brown cream fool you. Although this 50+ year old jar of bliss may contain the finest ingredients, it’s still the same old sugary food, with a hint of cocoa and hazelnuts. It contains so much sugar--58% in fact by weight--and 32% fat, most of which is palm oil! This means chocolate frosting or jams has a much lesser sugar than your favorite Nutella.

The process of how the palm oil is collected even has an impact to the environment. Palm oil plantations are responsible for a ton of deforestation, affecting the ecosystem, its animals, and even the people. Not to mention the fact that refined palm oil has a lot of carcinogenic contaminants, potentially causing cancer. However, Ferrero, the company that made Nutella, made sure its palm oil is from sustainable sources and doesn’t have their oil refined like common processed foods. (Hooray?)

So, did this discouraged you from scooping out of your spread? Or is anybody here still up for a tub?

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