Puff, Puff and Pass the Pufferfish: Dolphins' Guide on Getting High

Khryss | Published 2017-08-04 03:25

Recreational drugs have long been used by humans to relax, have fun or even to find ones’ self.

But we are not alone on choosing our own drugs. Some species in the animal kingdom get "lit" too.--from cats tripping on catnip to big horned sheep scraping hallucinogenic lichen with their front teeth to wallabies addicted to opium.

Now a sea creature is added up on the list: dolphins. How, you ask? Through squeezing pufferfish and passing them to other dolphins just as how we  “puff, puff and pass” when smoking a cannabis joint.

In the video recorded by Peter Koen, a guide in Extreme Nature Tours, we can see how this marine mammal squeezes a pufferfish to get its fix. While the neurotoxin a pufferfish releases when defending itself is really dangerous (and can kill people), the dolphins seem to enjoy intaking it instead.

“It is generally agreed amongst researchers that they do this with pufferfish because they are after the toxins the pufferfish releases when it is disturbed by a predator. They say they do so because the toxins are a drug to them and they enjoy the intoxicating effect it induces," said Koen.

And the dolphin isn’t greedy at all. In the video, you can see how it seem to share the pufferfish to humans, probably letting our species join the trip. “This is probably regular behaviour for dolphins because puffer fish are common enough and easy to find on the healthy reefs,” says Koen. “Sadly for the puffer fish, the ending is usually not good because the dolphins often place enough pressure on them to pop them once they have done getting their fix.”

Well, I honestly don't know what to feel right now. I wonder, though, what  do they think of when they get stoned.


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