A Modern Day Cure for The "Disease" Called Sexual Assault--A Smart Sticker

Khryss | Published 2017-07-26 22:17

"They say 1 in 10, 1 in 6, 1 in 3 women will be raped or sexually abused in her lifetime." -Sierra Demulder

Sexual assault of any kind seems like a disease that people can't find cure for. It's a virus that keeps on spreading and spreading but people seem not to care at all as long as they haven't acquired it--as long as they're not the victims.

But this rape culture is about to end. This disease is starting to have its treatment.

An effort of MIT researcher Manisha Mohan to stop sexual assault may just be the start that we needed. She created a smart sticker, called Intrepid, that is intended to detect sexual assault and in that way, prevent it.

The Intrepid sticker can be attached to any piece of clothing. It works by memorizing how one usually takes off her clothes and detects when something's odd on how you do it. When that happens, it alerts you in your phone and gives you 30 seconds to response. And when you don't, it alerts the people around you by making a loud sound then notifies five of your most trusted people.

It will then record the encounter and call somebody from your contacts. This could even be an actual evidence that the court will accept should there be the need for legal proceedings. And if it's just some misunderstanding, you're given 20 seconds to turn off the alarm. What's more is that the sticker can last up to two years and can survive your washing machine in case you accidentally put it in.

While this may not be the solution we've all been rooting for, at least we get to have even just a weapon for the fight. I just fervently hope I'll get to witness the day where sexual assault is seen as heavy as killing a person. I look forward to having a future wherein our kids need not to feel "robbed" anymore. That we get to exterminate the disease, that all of these will just be a memory the future need not to see.

Our body, our choice. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.


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