Turns Out a Huge Majority of Women Doesn't Regret Having Abortion

Khryss | Published 2017-07-28 04:17

While it is easy to assume that women get to have a certain emotional problem when it comes to abortion, a new study found that about ninety-five percent of women don't actually regret their choice to terminate their pregnancies.

Researchers from the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health at University of California San Francisco's School of Medicine and the university's division of biostatistics regularly surveyed 667 women in the United States for three years . These women vary on race, education and employment, and circumstances of pregnancy and abortion.

Results showed that 40 percent of these women chose to have an abortion due to financial reasons and 36 percent said that it was just “not the right time”. Moreover, 26 percent of them found that abortion was somewhat an easy decision while 53 percent found it slightly difficult. But the most surprising of all is that the “overwhelming majority of [these] women felt that termination was the right decision for them”--95 percent to be exact!

This gives a statistical reply to the anti-abortion campaigner’s claim that women who have abortions get to suffer emotionally. The study, however, specified that there's a difference between regretting the abortion itself and having lingering emotions after an abortion for these are two different answers that pro-lifers tend to combine together.

Researchers say that emotional reactions after abortion are normal and would most possibly diminish over time, and that at the end of the day, only a handful of women regret having an abortion.

"Certainly, experiencing feelings of guilt or regret in the short-term after an abortion is not a mental health problem; in fact, such emotions are a normal part of making a life decision that many women in this study found to be difficult," the authors of the study wrote. "Our results of declining emotional intensity... [find] steady or improving levels of self-esteem, life satisfaction, stress, social support, stress, substance use, and symptoms of depression and anxiety over time post-abortion."

While this remains a controversial topic, I'm happy how women are now owning up their bodies and standing up on what they think is best for them. Every action has its consequences but I hope each and everyone of us gets to respect heavy decisions like abortion as this isn't as easy as choosing what to eat for dinner (which is actually even difficult for others). The last thing a person needs during this time is a person that judges her.

So please don't be the latter.


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