Confirmed: There's Nothing “Mysterious” about the Bermuda Triangle

Fagjun | Published 2017-07-29 01:17


This may come as no surprise to you, but the Bermuda Triangle is no more dangerous or more mysterious than many other parts of the world.


We've all probably heard the stories. Pilots suddenly encounter something strange in the air before they crash into the water and disappear. More aircraft and boats disappear or meet misfortune in and above the Bermuda Triangle. Famed pilot Amelia Earhart also crashed there—another enduring mystery.


People have tried to come up with explanations for the strange happenings that supposedly take place in the area. From electromagnetic fields to portals to another dimension to aliens, some people have chosen to explain strangeness with strangeness.


However, a scientist named Karl Kruszelnicki says that the explanation for all this is in fact simple. There's certainly nothing paranormal or supernatural happening in the area. What, therefore, is happening over there?


Explaining the Bermuda Triangle

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The “mysteries” of the Triangle perhaps began with Christopher Columbus, when he sailed through the area for the first time. He wrote about seeing a huge ball of fire fall into the ocean, a strange light in the distance, and erratic compass readings.


Fast forward to the year 1918. The USS Cyclops sank near Barbados, and it never sent a distress signal despite having the means to do so. There is still no sign of the wreck of the ship.


Since then, there have been numerous accidents and incidents in and over the Triangle. These have fueled many of the strange speculations that have come to define the area. However, there are of course logical explanations for all the things that people find to be strange about the Triangle.


According to Dr. Kruszelnicki, the percentage of accidents in the Bermuda Triangle isn't so far off from that in other places in the world. There may be more accidents in the area than other places, but we should also consider that a lot of ship and air traffic goes through there. As for the absence of any wreckage, Dr. Kruszelnicki also has an explanation. According to him, it's a huge area and the waters are deep. If it's difficult to find wreckage, it's definitely not because there's a portal to another dimension.


Human Error

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It's also possible that human error—nothing paranormal or extraterrestrial—contributed to the accidents that occurred in the area. Some pilots tended to get drunk the night before their fateful flight over the area, and they flew hungover. This may have contributed to them losing control of their aircraft. Other pilots, meanwhile, may have been irresponsible and may have ignored instructions that could have saved their lives. Mistakes like these can be fatal—and not at all otherworldly. In fact, they're unfailingly human.


Thus, there are rational explanations for the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle—and, perhaps, other similar mysteries as well. Even something that seems paranormal has a rational explanation, and sometimes, that explanation is the simplest one possible. The takeaway from this should be to be skeptical of things that sound outlandish, and to always leave room for a logical explanation.

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