You Wouldn't Believe How Good AI Photographers Are!

Khryss | Published 2017-07-29 12:17

Take a good look at this picture.

Beautiful, isn’t it? Well, you've got an AI to thank for that.

With works like the Poet on the Shore, artificial intelligence is slowly taking up the creativity stage, and an artificial neural network called Creatism is building its own "genre". Made by Google researchers Hui Fang and Meng Zhang, Creatism is a "system for artistic content creation" that breaks down what makes a photo beautiful into quantifiable parameters like image saturation, composition and other details an algorithm can understand.

Researchers used around 15,000 photo thumbnails of high-ranking landscape photography from to teach the neural network how to edit properly and get the most aesthetically pleasing landscape picture. This involves cropping and adding lighting effects to produce several versions of the thumbnails. These pictures were then evaluated by Fang and Zhang, together with four professional photographers, to choose the best looking photo.

They then used different panoramas of picturesque locations in North America from Google Street View to enable the AI “take” its own pictures based on the environment. The photos were evaluated by six professional photographers with each unaware that some of the photos were generated by an algorithm. The photographers ranked the pictures between 1 to 4, with one being a novice-level photo and four being a professionally made one.

Of the 173 photos evaluated, 41.4 percent were at or above semi-pro level (ranked 3 or greater) and 45 percent of the actual professional photos scored 3.5 or higher!

Creatism "mimics the workflow of a landscape photographer, from framing for the best composition to carrying out various post-processing operations," researchers wrote on their paper.

Well, it wouldn't be too long before an AI creates its own Instagram account, would it? 

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