Chairless Chair: A Chair Literally Without a Physical Chair. But How's that Possible?

Khryss | Published 2017-07-20 12:04

Just a wide imagination and some flexible exoskeletons!

Exoskeletons or frames worn outside the human body are usually used to help people with limited mobility. However, Swiss studio Sapetti suggests that this type of aid and enhancement could also be beneficial to "ordinary" working people.

So, together with engineers of Zuhlke, Sapetti developed a product that aims to provide certain needs of workers on the factory floor. Hence, the creation of the Chairless Chair---a chair that's literally what its name suggests. This is designed by Sapetti for a Swiss company called Noonee.  

But this invention is not just for any kind of gimmick.

As mentioned, this is mainly designed for those employees who had to stand up for extended periods of time, with the conventional chairs being an obstacle instead of an aid  (i.e. factory workers). Made with engineering plastics like polyamide, Chairless Chair is as light and durable as it could be.

This wearable exoskeleton provides immediate support when the user bends, squats or crouches. It doesn't even generate any discomfort and restriction or limitation when walking. So, you get to roam around freely, and sit down whenever and wherever you need to!

Time to say goodbye to physical strains, don't you think? (No? Not even with this?) Well, at least it could reduce absences, right?

There's even more, you can adjust the frame to suit your height and err.. girth as you wear your favorite (or your mandatory) work-safe shoes! This flexible, ergonomic device extends from the hip to the backs of the feet which will probably make you feel quite like a cyborg, won't it?

"With the Chairless Chair, Noonee's clients can not only improve the ergonomic environment for their employees, by improving body posture, but also solve and prevent certain occupational health and safety challenges, and provide age-appropriate working conditions for their ageing employees," Sapetti founder Marc Sapetti said.

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