You Don't Need Money to Play this Arcade Game--Just Garbage, Lots of It!

Khryss | Published 2017-07-19 21:04

Most games nowadays are quite costly, not to mention the other expenses it moves you to spending on like DLCs and "items". And so, a brilliant inventor tried to find a way for you to enjoy a game by paying almost anything. (Wait, what? What'd you mean by anything?)

Well, you get to play SpriteBox by paying basically any trash--from personal notes, trinkets, and a card. SpriteBox is a Toronto-made DIY cocktail style arcade cabinet which means you get to play in a horizontal screen and sit across your mate.

However, the SpriteBox only plays locally-made indie multiplayer games like Vicious Circles by Nick Fox-Gieg and Meagan Williams, Planted Galaxy by Eli Eliz, Mark Sparling and James Brownlee, and Blobber Basher by Spooky Squid Games and Mac Calarco. Nonetheless, these games are actually exciting! Look!

Either play the fast paced split-screen 3D retro game, Vicious Circles.

Or control the sun and rain to work together to grow plants across the galaxy with Planted Galaxy.

Or play a multiplayer alien sports game similar to football where the ball is alive (P.S. It gets angry when you kick it too much.) with Blobber Basher!

"I hope I get some garbage," said SpriteBox creator Nik Stewart. If a player drops some trash in the chute, he said that it means the player "engaged with it and made a choice, and decided to make a statement".

The arcade cabinet is currently in display at the Electric Perfume gallery space in Toronto for Curious Cabinets, a DIY arcade exhibit. Steward told Motherboard that the idea for Spritebox was to get players think about what entertainment is worth to the player.

Although games like Call of Duty or Battlefield are fun, the Spritebox reminds us that games can be made with love and wouldn’t even cost you any money. You even get to save the world--one game at a time.


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