Tesla Supercar Had a Record-Breaking "Cannonball Run" from LA to NY!

Khryss | Published 2017-07-19 10:48


Two buddies, Jordan Hart and Bradly D’Souza left California in a 2015 midnight silver Tesla Model S 85D on July 1st 2017 (11:30 pm PT) for a "mission". They wanted to travel from there to New York with the least time possible. They said the trip aims to raise awareness for victims of human trafficking and even raised a few thousand dollars for such cause.

Alert and awake, the duo arrived at exactly 6:17 AM on July 4th to their destination, a mere 51 hours and 47 minutes travel time! (Success!) That's the fastest transcontinental drive in an electric vehicle, besting the previous record holder by about three hours!

“Since we were using a smaller battery car, I think a lot of people doubted we had a chance at beating the record,” Hart said, partly because the previous attempt used a newer Model S 90D. Clearly, they proved those people wrong.

Of course, there were a bunch of challenges along the way such as using the car’s air conditioning effectively to not drain the car battery as well as the time to stop and eat. “We were also VERY focused on our run and only stopped to eat once. Even then we told the staff what we were doing and were in and out of the restaurant in about 15 minutes. The rest of the time was healthy low glycemic snacking and a strict nap schedule for whoever wasn't driving,” Hart write through email to The Verge.

They also mentioned that they had to disregad Tesla’s trip planning software's recommendations. “I believe that our knowledge of the limitations and willingness to push the boundaries whenever possible is what made the largest difference,” D’Souza added.

“Truly luck was on our side with our trip as we hit essentially zero traffic jams, only [four] minutes of inclement weather, and arrived in NYC on a holiday to find the streets almost empty/devoid of traffic,” Hart said. And although their Tesla has an autopilot, they didn’t bother with it.

Well, we now know what to buy next time when we plan to have an electric car of our own!


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