Mighty Marbles, LEGO Bricks and Fidget Spinners in One Game. What More can You Ask for?

Khryss | Published 2017-07-11 08:25
Time to make use of your favorite toys! What happens when you combine three of the most famous toys and use it into one game? Perfection! A fast spin from today's fidget spinners, the undeniable sturdiness of LEGO bricks that you always seem to stomp to, some good 'ol marbles, and there you have it-- MarbleLympics aka FUN! MarbleLympics is an annual event founded by YouTube marble masterĀ Jelle Bakker. Basically, the main star of this event are the teams of marbles competing against each other but in a whole new and more elaborate level. Today, we have the "monster" fidget spinners to serve as the obstacle and we have the LEGO bricks as their allies. The event, called Fidget Spinner Collision, involves 16 different teams of four marbles. Two teams compete per battle on which the goal is have as many marble stay on the field as possible. But it wouldn't be an easy task as four fidget spinners (one per corner) are set to move them outwards after a direct collision from both teams. And while the LEGO bricks seem so tough when you step on it, the impact from hitting the fidget spinners seem to make the marbles take these barriers down in one hit. Might not be the most impressing scientific venture but hey, who's complaining anyway? What's more interesting is thatĀ it's attention to detail is fantastic. Who would've thought of making LEGO brick "chairs" for other marbles to sit on with signs of the teams they're supporting? It looks like a colorful arena with marble audiences! And did I mention they also have a commentator? Greg Woods seem to take this job seriously especially during when one marble from Team Momo had an "injury" (it was chipped). Better watch this 20-minute video and see how Ultimately Shining Swarm took gold! Overall, Team Primary is the topnotcher but the event is still not over. So, keep in touch and see who's the mightiest marble team of them all. [embed]https://youtu.be/9tywog3-8IE[/embed] https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/9kw3kz/this-marblelympics-event-pits-marbles-against-fidget-spinners
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