Want to Feel More Confident? Science Says Just Wear Red Clothes!

Admin | Published 2017-07-09 17:55

Red is a color of passion, love, and sex. It's not even new to us how such fiery color affects how people perceive us. Previous studies actually showed that red indeed increases attractiveness and sexual desirability of both sexes towards their counterparts. This is known as the "red-effect". Basically, this entails that increased attractiveness red brings is due to the idea that people first see object/person and the judgement follow. The red emphasizes the judgement and makes it clearer through it. Now, a new study found that wearing red can even affect one's perceived self-attractiveness. "[A]s I read the article of Elliot et al. on the red-effect regarding strangers, I decided to do a practical seminar on color effects. We discussed many ideas within the seminar and some of them were directed towards self-perception," Anne Berthold, corresponding study author from the University of Zurich told PsyPost. And so, in a series of three experiments, Berthold and her colleagues asked participants to wear either red or blue shirts. They were given a mirror inside a cubicle and were asked to answer a survey about their self-perceived attractiveness. However, a dummy story/reason for the research was told in order to maximize reliability and validity of the study. Moreover, participants in the last experiment were asked to take a picture of themselves instead of having a mirror. Results showed that "people can feel more attractive when putting on red clothes,” Berthold said. They even feel more sexually receptive than those who wore blue. She, however, warned that the red-effect may not be for everyone. For instance, some people don't like having all eyes on them or doesn't want get so much attention and wearing red could make them feel really bad. Hence, more research on different personality characteristics is needed for a much better color-matching for everyone. Also, the red-effect may also lessen in time when the color is worn everyday. Well, more reason to wear that red dress on your next date! http://www.medicaldaily.com/effect-color-sexual-attraction-why-wearing-red-makes-you-feel-sexy-419593

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