A Province in China Bigger than the Entire France Runs Only on Renewable Energy for a Week!

Khryss | Published 2017-06-28 04:34
China is undeniably rising as the green superpower--from its efforts on filtering out "bad" air to its recent announcement of having the world's largest floating solar energy plant, there's no stopping this now-eco-friendly country. They have even recently taken another step further to having a "healthier" place. For seven days straight, The Red Dragon's fourth largest province (but ranked third smallest population) just ran its entire electricity completely on renewable energy! That's right, from June 17 to 23, water, wind and sun were supplying the 720,000 km2 province--an area bigger than the whole country of France and Greece combined. This was part of a trial conducted by China's State Grid Corporation. According to local reports, the trial was to prove that fossil fuels are not required in the future. “Being the first trial of this kind in the country and a major step in the transformation of energy supply, it will be of great importance in promoting the use of clean energy in China in a sustainable and effective way," said Quan Shenming, the general manager of Qinghai Electric Power Corporation which is a subsidiary of the State Grid Corporation. Quan added that for those seven days, electricity use was at 1.1 billion kilowatt hours which is equal to around 535,000 tons of coal. Now that's insane. Among all the renewables, hydro was the biggest contributor, providing 72.3 percent of the total energy output, said Han Ti, vice general manager at of Qinghai Electric Power Corporation. And with rivers like Yellow, Yangtze, and Mekong, the province has truly adequate resources for generating power through water. As of May 2017, almost 83 percent of 23.4 million kW energy output that was installed on Qinghai's power grid was all from renewable energy. The province plans to increase wind and solar capacity to 35 million kW by 2020 and supply clean energy to neighboring provinces in China, according to the provincial 13th Five-Year Plan. "Clean energy is the ultimate way," Han said. "We need to reduce reliance on fossil fuel, improve our energy structure, and reduce carbon emissions." According to the National Energy Administration, the country even plans on investing around $366 billion in renewables technologies by 2020 and creating 13 million jobs. Your move, world. Your move. http://www.climateactionprogramme.org/news/chinese-province-runs-on-100-renewables-for-7-days
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