You Think Summer is Fun? Arizona's Not Having It

Khryss | Published 2017-06-27 01:04
"But Arizona isn't that hot." Oh please. [embed][/embed] Now go dare tell people there that you'd love to go sunbathing... But how hot is Arizona right now really? The hottest temperature ever recorded according to The Guinness World Record  is 134 degrees Fahrenheit. And some areas in the state have already reached 120 degrees! (At least it's not hot enough to beat the record right? No? Tough crowd.) Number one sacred rule-- never touch anything metal with your bare hands! [embed][/embed] Also, you'd better be prepared when you feel like getting around the town. See? Even the signs are crying... err... melting! [embed][/embed] [embed][/embed] As to their plastics, well, just take a look at this mailbox and trashcan-- all because of the scorching heat. [embed][/embed] [embed][/embed] Plastic fences are no exception. Even the cactus is giving up! (Oh no.) [embed][/embed] No oven but craving for homemade cookies? Gotcha fam! [embed][/embed] We should soon make a cooking show out of this. The most popular recipe? Anything that has to do with eggs! [embed][/embed] Well, at least we get to use natural resources, right? Just please remember not to walk your dog outside yet for they might suffer serious burns like this: [embed][/embed] Arizona has been really hot that regional flights in some areas have been canceled as the excessive heat disables some planes,  according to the Washington Post. And while these pictures and videos are "fun" to look at, the effects of the heat is no joke. So, Arizonians, better protect yourself from the heat wave's damage and stay hydrated. Stay lit, Arizona! (Or not.)
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