Mural and Augmented Reality Mashed for a Whole New Level of Techno Art

Khryss | Published 2017-06-25 23:03
Ladies and gentlemen, artists and students of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has put an art into another kind-- they made murals come to life! In an underground tunnel at MIT's Cambridge campus, a 200-foot long series of murals are painted from March to May 2017. Called the "Borderline Mural Project," the murals in the tunnel can take a life on its own using the "BorderlineAR" app for iOS and Android devices. [embed][/embed] "The tunnel was commonly used route between MIT Buildings 66 and E17 during bad weather," according to the project website. Instead of just a passageway, artists Julia Rue, Emma DeSoto, Tara Lee, Iris Fung, and Jessie Wang wanted to use the tunnel as the destination itself. Rue explained that the project was a means to express art in a public place so that "people can enjoy and interact with it". In its grand opening, around 180 people attended the event. The response to the project has actually been extremely positive, so much that Jessie Wang wanted to extend the duration of the project. She also added that people are happy now that the tunnels have something in them besides a blank space. With similar AR murals like “Pallas // Nemea” in Athens and FX's Legion mural in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco, The Borderline Mural Project shows that these types of projects are spreading to creators and art enthusiasts--all for the beauty and love of art itself. Add it up with technologies like the software ARKit of Apple, imagination would only be one's limit. It'd also be fun to see the works of Neolithic people and ancient Egyptians in AR to bring to life the beauty of their eras, don't you think?
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