VirZOOM: A Much More Fun Way of Burning Those Nasty Calories Away

Khryss | Published 2017-06-21 19:11
Tired of your usual gym routine? Well who would've thought that working out can also be so much fun? No, I'm not kidding. And yes, I hear you when you say "But exercising will never be fun! It's just mainly fats crying and my body saying no!" Oh dear, let me introduce to you the VirZOOM. (Thank me later.) [embed][/embed] A virtual reality fitness platform that aims to help people move as they go into the VR world and play fun interactive games. You can even play it for free in the VirZOOM Arcade! They even had their latest update on their stationary bike ($399) which now works with both tethered and mobile VR, as well as with the new VZ Sensor ($99) that allows any stationary exercise bike (like the one you're currently using) be VR-enabled. With this, you can now definitely exercise longer and more frequent! Plus as you can see, it's very affordable considering its uses. No need for dull workouts anymore and experience the beauty of technology that doesn't need you to go all day in just one or two sedentary positions. VirZOOM Arcade specifically encourages one (even children) to pedal more and more as you reach the final part of a particular game. Now go faster in cycling your pedals ad it'll reflect in the VR world. Each fun platform exercise actually has an average of 24 minutes per use but as you go fly a Pegasus or engage in a tank battle with it, you wouldn't even notice how long you've been burning calories! "VirZOOM is a fun, interactive VR fitness platform that serves as an alternative to traditional and often monotonous exercise programs. Now, with the VZ Sensor and VirZOOM compatibility with Samsung Gear VR, more people can utilize our unique, goal-based VR games to get fit. By bringing VirZOOM to mobile VR, our fitness platform instantly becomes accessible to more people in a more flexible, portable form," said Eric Janszen, co-founder and CEO of VirZOOM. You can now get fit and sweat more while incorporating technology to enjoy! (Just like the old times but of another kind.)
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