The Next Big Thing on Miniature Machine Fights After Crush Gear: The Robot Sumo!

Khryss | Published 2017-06-21 12:27
Now here's your not-so-typical sumo! When asked about sumo, you might first think of two huge and heavy Japanese men trying to push each other out of a circular ring. Like this: But now, Japan has a new way of playing the sport- and skinny guys (and even women) are welcome to participate! What to do? Well, just go pick up some electronic parts, assemble it into a tiny robot, and make sure to create a deadly and crazy fast machine to defeat everyone! Robot sumo is literally what its name is, a sport wherein a robot forces another out of a Sumo ring (or Dohyo). And whichever successfully pushes their opponent first wins. It's like Crush Gear but faster and more advanced (with a whole new rule; you get the point). These robots are particularly small, 3Kg-class, and has microcontrollers and sensors. It's a must that their agility and strength are tested to survive inside the ring. Some even improvised their wrestler bot with deadly wings and destructive ramps. So, if you have ridiculous technical skills (like these Japanese creators), go join this tournament and watch your design defeat the other in just a blink of an eye! Or you can start by admiring these tiny robots from Japan's 'All Japan Robot-Sumo Tournament'  fight each other with honor and aspire to be the creator of the champion-bot someday. [embed][/embed] Guess it's about time to dusk off those tools and start designing your own monster sumo-bot! Another representation of something small but terrible, isn't it?
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