A Childhood Dream Come True- A Virtual Reality Mario Kart and Many More!

Khryss | Published 2017-06-18 00:14
Remember those fun times when you and your friends would get into trouble just to play Mario Kart on Nintendo 64? Remember when you guys race on picking Princess Peach first as you all agree to pick Rainbow Road as your course? And who would forget all those cursing (sorry, mom) and shouting when a red shell hits you, cutting the expected victory? Back in those days, this game ruins friendships and beaks sibling bonds but it's just so damn good that no one dared to stop playing. There has been a lot of updates many years after the release of Mario Kart, adding new race tracks and abilities such as the feared blue shell. And now, the game has evolved even further, dramatically increasing one's full view in the world of fantasy and imagination. [embed]https://youtu.be/EDEaTlIEfwM[/embed] Bandai Namco, the entertainment company behind great games such as Dark Souls, Soulcalibur and Tekken to name a few, will take your childhood games to a next level as it'll be opening Japan's "largest VR entertainment facility" soon. This will be located in an entertainment ward and the home of the busiest railway station in the world, Shinjuku, Tokyo. With this, you get to play using HTC Vive Business Edition VR headsets, motion chairs, stationary bikes and other awesome machines to get the immersive VR experience you wanted. Plus, Mario Kart is just one of those games the VR ZONE offers. You can now master the Kamehameha in the Dragon Ball Z or have a fit and control your own mechanical suit in Evangelion. Also, remember Scarlett Johansson's Ghost in the Shell? Be as cool as her and bust the bad guys in anime mode. There's even this particular game in which you have to literally run away from dinosaurs! (So, you get to exercise while having fun!) Enter nostalgia as you get a look on a much improved familiar games, or go explore and feast your eyes on those less familiar ones that would still challenge your gaming capabilities! What's more? Bandai Namco is also planning to open up arcades in 20 other locations around the world! Just try not to berserk when that red shell hits you again (remember, other people outside those goggles are watching you). https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/virtual-reality-mario-kart-is-coming-to-japanese-arcades
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