Neo China Rises with Lesser Carbon and More Renewable Energy

Khryss | Published 2017-06-11 00:19
The recent announcement of the United States withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement has caused a lot of grimace. And while the US seem to "avoid"  its carbon-cutting responsibilities, China's turning on the switch for the world's largest floating solar energy plant. Located in a once coal-mining town (in China's eastern Anhui province) that is now flooded with seawater, the power plant was recently finished by Sungrow Power Supply. Such particular location is so strategic for its doesn't just save space but utilizes nature coolant for the plant as well (which is the seawater itself). "The plant not only makes full use of this area, reducing the demand for lands – but also improves generation due to the cooling effects of the surface," a local government official said. The power plant, at full capacity, can provide 40 megawatts of energy, powering around 15,000 homes. Note that the biggest solar farm before this produces only around 6 megawatts! This plant is part of the Chinese government's commitment on increasing its use of renewable energy by 20 percent and become a "green superpower" as some people call it. With the country's reputation of having a heavily polluted atmosphere, (i.e. constant smog and being the world's most prolific greenhouse gas emitter), the need to reverse its carbon footprint is undeniable. This project even provides more jobs, decreases damage on our beloved Earth, and saves money. Hope this amazing movement of China would empower every single country into utilizing renewable energy and help create a "healthier" world.
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