This Meadow Transforms into a Striking Lake Park During Summer!

Khryss | Published 2017-06-04 21:29
Crystal clear waters flowing on a lush greenery of a meadow; now that's something you don't see everyday (unless you live nearby this place). If you're really stressed out and would just want to have a haven of peace and tranquility, try visiting the Grüner See or Green Lake, in the town of Tragoess, Austria. [embed][/embed] Well, the place literally transforms into a lake park and it's not even due to anything supernatural. An organic occurrence, wherein the snow melts from the Hochschwab mountains, causes the lake to appear and disappear from time to time. This is due to the natural shift of temperature throughout the year. During winter, the lake is at its shallowest with only about 3ft of water but when the summer comes, you'll be able to enjoy its "full potential" of 39 ft. And as you can see, with its shimmering emerald waters- its glossy, glassy, green hue- nobody would fail to bat an eye on to this temporary paradise. Underneath, you'll see the trees and flowers so alive as it dances with the water. Plus,  you can even go "rest" on the benches or "walk" on a foot bridge! [embed][/embed] Its striking and bizarre beauty just pulls everyone in like a magnet (specially those who are into social media and photography). However, such attention caused certain concerns over it as activities have caused the waters to become murky. Hence, doing water sport in here has been prohibited but worry not for people are still allowed to swim and wander. But again, I hope you're not forgetting that the water comes from snowmelt which means it is extremely cold (4°C–8°C, or 39.2°F–46.4°F degrees). If all of these still don't stop you from plunging in  and swimming into its depths, just be sure to prepare yourself ahead to prevent any accidents. Or you can just feed your eyes with its mesmerizing beauty and just see it from afar. Either way would be a very refreshing and amazing experience!
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